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Card and app

The employer is entitled to grant a tax-free contribution of up to SEK 5,000 to employees for wellness activities approved by the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket). The employees send receipts of wellness activities directly via our app for approval.

Digital management of wellness benefits

Whether you already use our lunch benefit solution or not, you can now manage your wellness benefits with the same payment card. Thus, a card with two benefits (or one if you prefer it). Wellness benefit expenses are paid from the wellness wallet on the card. Receipt management is completely digital.

Easier administration

Using one and the same card for lunch and wellness benefits make administration simpler while having a better digital overview. It is also easier for employees to control expenses approvals and refunds.

Edenred Wellness

We work to make your employees healthy and motivated. If you make sure they can work out, we will ensure that you do not spend time in unnecessary administration tasks.

How do i cancel my contract?

You can download a form here. Fill it in and send it to Edenred Sweden AB, 105 40, Stockholm.

How do i connect to Ticket Rikskuponger?

You can find the agreement here. Print it, fill it in and send it to:

Edenred Sweden AB

105 40 Stockholm

If you so prefer, you can scan you filled in agreement and send it to

It is also possible to connect through BankID. Visit this page.

How do i fill in the agreement?

On this page you can download and print your agreement.

Don't forget to enter:

  1. Organization number
  2. Plus-/bankgiro number
  3. Store number/Babs-number/Accounting number
  4. Your name


The agreement should then be sent to:

Edenred Sweden AB

105 40 Stockholm

How do i know if the card is valid?

The valid until date is stated on the front of the card. If the date has passed the transaction will fail.

How does the Ticket Rikskuponger card work for me?

  • The card goes into your regular terminal.
  • The money is transfered to your account according to the choices you've made on the agreement.

I need a copy of an invoice

Send an email to with information about your organization number, invoice number and your message. You usually get answers within 24 hours.

I'm going to change my company type (AB/HB/KB/EF). What do i do?

Send us a new agreement which you will find here. Fill it in and state that you'd like to change your company type. Make sure to enter the new organization number and write the old one as well (somewhere where it fits).

I have a question regarding my invoice

Send an email to with information about your organization number, invoice number and your message. You will usually get an answer within 24 hours.

What are the benefits for me as a restaurant to connect to Ticket Rikskuponger?

  • Smooth payment. Payout is ongoing within 1-3 days.
  • The ability to reach all 110,000 people who use our services at restaurants - every day!
  • The card works in your regular terminal.
  • Reduced administration - no counting, packing and sending to us.
  • No risk for counting errors.
  • No change handling.
  • No risk of robbery.

What do i do if the card doesn't work?

  • If you terminal doesn't work as intended - contact your terminal provider.
  • In case there is something wrong with the card the cardholder has to contact his or her employer.

When do i receive my money?

Payouts are ongoing every 1-3 days.