Download agreementDownload restaurant agreement

Connect yourself by submitting your restaurant agreement today. So, you can receive more paying guests.

Do the following

  • Download and print the agreement
  • Fill in all the details and sign the agreement.
  • Send signed agreement to: Edenred Sweden AB, SE-105 40 Stockholm, Sweden
  • You will receive a confirmation by e-mail (remember to fill in your email address on the contract).

Extra important is to fill in:

  1. Organization number
  2. Plus / Bank giro number
  3. Acquiring bank
  4. Accounting / Babs number / Store Number
  5. Do not forget to sign the contract with your name!

If you change the corporate form

Remember to apply for new membership if you change the corporate form. You must also inform us if you change address or bank giro / post office giro or make any other changes regarding your membership.