More and more employees in Sweden chose to start with Ticket Rikskuponger, a payment solution that benefits all parties and every year contributes several million to the restaurant industry.

Good to know:

  • The card works in your regular card terminal.
  • Ticket Rikskortet is valid for the payment of meals PM. 00-24 in all the restaurants and shops that accepts Ticket Rikskortet.
  • The card does not apply to the payment of alcohol or tobacco.
  • The exact amount to be recorded at the time of purchase and no gear may be paid.
  • Card validity standing on front of the card.
  • Minimum purchase amount is SEK 5.
  • If something is not working


If your terminal is not working properly - contact your terminal provider. If there would be any problem with the card, the card user should refer to their employer.

Contact membership service

Call us on 08-681 81 70 or email to


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