Rikskuponger is since 2011 owned by Edenred. Edenred is available in 39 countries and has more than 6,000 employees, nearly 580,000 customers in the private and public sector, 36.2 million users and 1.3 million members. In 2011, Edenred generated a volume of 15.2 billion euros, of which more than 58% were in emerging markets.


The idea of meal vouchers is originally from Britain when doctor Winchendron in the early 1950s wanted to facilitate the lunch for their employees at the reception by handing out meal vouchers valid at nearby restaurants.


John Hack further developed the idea and started Luncheron Vouchers.


Jacques Borel took the meal voucher system to France and founded the Ticket Restaurant.


Saw the National vouchers light thanks Eurocard Nord AB, who wanted to give employees at companies the opportunity to eat good and affordable lunch. The government supported the idea because in the early 1970s, with the help of one of their public health surveys concluded that the negligence was with the food at midday.


John Du Monceau, the then CEO of Accor Services International, began to spread the French equivalent of the National Coupons - Ticket Restaurant - in the world.


Ticket Restaurant will enter the Swedish market by starting Restaurant Vouchers together with Swedbank.


Accor Services buys 50% of Rikskuponger AB. The remaining 50% is purchased in 1995. Restaurant Coupons disappear from the market, leaving Rikskuponger


The brand Rikskuponger changes name to Ticket Rikskuponger to create a uniform appearance with its brands worldwide.