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Can i change my PIN code?

Yes, you can use your nearest Bankomat to change it.

Can I purchase tobacco or alcohol with Ticket Rikskuponger?

No, Ticket Rikskuponger is not valid for purchasing alcoholic beverages or tobacco.

Can i use ID instead of using the PIN code?

Yes, that works fine.

Can I withdraw the money on the card or transfer them to my bank account?

No, the card is intended for business meals.

For how long is my loading valid?

The Rikskuponger vouchers that are loaded on your card are available for 12 months after your recharge date.

How are my personal details handled as a card user?

Personal data of the cardholder is required to Edenred Sweden to issue and activate Ticket Rikskuponger, conduct transactions, giving the cardholder access to the handling of transactions and to answer questions from the cardholder. Edenred Sweden may therefore electronically process personal information about the cardholder, and undertakes then the collateral security of personal data and the processing of these:

  • On behalf of the client (employer) and their direction
  • In accordance with the agreement between Edenred Sweden and the client (employer)
  • In accordance with the Data Protection Act

Unless required by law will Edenred Sweden not pass on personal information to anyone else without the customer (employer's) consent or the cardholder's interest.

For more information about how personal data is handled can be found in Section 7 of the client (employer) contract with Edenred Sweden as well as in the paragraph "Your information and data protection" in the cardholder's terms of use.

How do i block my card?

Log in and click My Account and then on Block card, call our IVR 08-6818137 (open: 08:30 - 17:00) or download our app.

How do i know if the card is valid?

The valid until date is stated on the front of the card. If the date has passed the transaction will fail.

I’ve forgotten my PIN code, what do I do?

The easiest solution is to open our app, click on the cog (top right corner) and choose “PIN-kod”. To access this function you have to re-enter your password. Click here if you've forgotten your password.


You can also get it by logging in on and go to My Account and then PIN-kod.

If i block or lose my card. Is the money still valid?

Yes. The money is still valid because the card is connected to your personal account.

If I change jobs, do I have to change cards?

You can keep your card if your new employer also offer the benefit. This saves your new employer the cost of the card and you don't need to wait for a new one.

If you card is blocked, when do i receive a new one?

It will automatically be sent to you within 3-6 days.

Is Ticket Rikskuponger valid in ATM's?

No, Ticket Rikskuponger cannot be used to receive cash from ATM's. 

My card is worn out, does it still work?

Try it at a restaurant. If it doesn't work, block it and a new one will be sent to you.

What do I do if the restaurant does not accept the card?

Tell us what restaurant you visited via email

What happens if i don't have enough money on my account when i'm using my card?

The purchase does not go through

Where can I eat with my card?

Ticket Rikskuponger card works like a regular debit card and can be used at almost all of Swedens' 23,000 restaurants that accept card as payment method. The card also works on Sweden's approximately 4,000 grocery stores so you can buy prepared food or shop for ingredients for your lunch box.

Why do I get an error message when I use the card?

It may depend on several things:

  • There is not enough money in the account. Check your balance.
  • Temporary error on the restaurants terminal.
  • You entered an incorrect PIN.

If the error is not due to any of the above reasons, you can ask the restaurant to contact their supplier of card terminal.

Why does not the restaurant's name show when I look at my transactions?

The company name displayed is the name of the restaurant registered with MasterCard.

Why is my balance incorrect?

It takes one day before the money is deducted from your account. Therefore, check your last transaction that has been posted.


If your balance still mismatches report it by contacting us via e-mail: Your balance is available both on the website and via the IVR 08-681 81 37. You can also view your balance via Ticket Rikskupongers mobile application.